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This page was created/modified in commit 11956ad "Add test case for whitespace chomping not working inside shortcodes" on 2018-04-23.
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Whitespace chomping inside shortcodes

tags: chomp whitespace shortcode


Use of whitespace chomping braces in shortcodes.



Shortcode definition (inner-chomp)

<div>{{- .Inner -}}</div>

Shortcode use

{{< inner-chomp >}}
{{< /inner-chomp >}}

Expected HTML


Observed HTML

View the source of this page and search for “Hello”.



The workaround is to put the opening/closing shortcode identifiers on the same line.

{{< inner-chomp >}}Workaround{{< /inner-chomp >}}

View the source of this page and search for “Workaround”.


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