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Hugo Sandbox

This is an unofficial Hugo sandbox site to try to replicate possible bugs in hugo.

It is updated automatically after each commit to the hugo-sandbox repo. It was last updated on Jan 20, 2022 13:08 UTC.

This page was created/modified in commit cf4db09 "Add image credit, caption and creator in front-matter" on 2018-03-21.
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Generated in emacs (Credit: meme.el)
maps.Params{"caption":"Generated in emacs", "credit":"meme.el", "size":600, "url":"https://github.com/larsmagne/meme"} (type:maps.Params)


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Kind Description Example
home The home page /index.html
page A page showing a regular page my-post page (/posts/my-post/index.html)
section A page listing regular pages from a given section posts section (/posts/index.html)
taxonomy A page listing regular pages from a given taxonomy term page for the term awesome from tags taxonomy (/tags/awesome/index.html)
taxonomyTerm A page listing terms from a given taxonomy page for the tags taxonomy (/tags/index.html)


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Name "Taxonomy Kind (\"foo\" project)"
Title "Taxonomy Kind (\"foo\" project)"
ResourceType "page"
Kind "term"
Section "projects"
Draft false
Type "projects"
Layout ""
Permalink "https://hugo-sandbox.netlify.com/projects/foo/"
RelPermalink "/projects/foo/"
page.Data{"Plural":"projects", "Singular":"project", "Term":"foo", "pages":(func() page.Pages)(0x160f760), "project":page.WeightedPages{page.WeightedPage{Weight:0, Page:(*hugolib.pageState)(0xc000a2c510), owner:(*hugolib.pageState)(0xc0008704e0)}}} (type:page.Data)

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maps.Params{"author":[]string{"Kaushal Modi"}, "creator":"Emacs 27.0.50 (Org mode 9.1.7 + ox-hugo)", "description":" Taxonomy Branch Bundle (CANNOT be Leaf, else it becomes of `page`\n _Kind_)\n ", "draft":false, "iscjklanguage":false, "lastmod":time.Date(2018, time.March, 21, 11, 31, 2, 0, time.Location("")), "resources":[]map[string]interface {}{map[string]interface {}{"params":map[string]interface {}{"caption":"Generated in emacs", "credit":"meme.el", "size":600, "url":"https://github.com/larsmagne/meme"}, "src":"*featured*"}}, "tags":[]string{"taxonomy-kind"}, "title":"Taxonomy Kind (\"foo\" project)"} (type:maps.Params)

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Name "taxonomybranchbundle-foo-project-featured.png"
Title "taxonomybranchbundle-foo-project-featured.png"
ResourceType "image"
Permalink "https://hugo-sandbox.netlify.com/projects/foo/taxonomybranchbundle-foo-project-featured.png"
RelPermalink "/projects/foo/taxonomybranchbundle-foo-project-featured.png"
maps.Params{"caption":"Generated in emacs", "credit":"meme.el", "size":600, "url":"https://github.com/larsmagne/meme"} (type:maps.Params)

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UniqueID "73d5ecc32009669f227b265cbc6465bc"
BaseFileName "_index"
TranslationBaseName "_index"
Lang "en"
Section "projects"
LogicalName "_index.md"
Dir "projects/foo/"
Ext "md"
Path "projects/foo/_index.md"

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